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Why is MBA course so complicated, limiting, expensive?
So, we built the first online MBA courses to change all that,
only US$ 650.00  (one year courses) or
US$ 268.00 (four months courses)

plus scholarships!

See below our
available 26 MBAs and 20 Certifications

Business Administration & e-company
International Trade Management
Internet Marketing & e-Commerce
Project Management PM
 EMBA Executive Business Administration
Human Resources Management HR
Finance Management
Hospital & Health Management

Hotel & Tourism Management
Public Administration & e-Government

         See also Municipal & Urban Engineering


Chief Information Officer CIO
Information Technology Security Management
 Customer Relationship Management CRM
Enterprise Resources Planning ERP
Business Intelligence & Data Mining BI
Virtualization & Cloud Computer Mngt
Voip Telephony System Management
Purchase & Supply Chain Management SCM
Business Automation & Workflow Mngt
Mobile Program & Marketing & Boyd Mngt 

Civil Engineering Management
Mechanical Engineering Management
Software EngineeringManagement
Electrical Engineering Management
 Petrol & Oil Engineering Management
 Municipal & Urban Engineering Management

       No Certifications in Engineering

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 Your MBA or Certification in:
Business Administration & e-Company

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Our Methodology for both MBA and Certification


Our courses are individual and only by correspondence, and not in group or classes. Our lessons, your optional questions, our answers, the final examination, etc., all are individual.

We preferred to create our own methodology and not to use any existent WBT Web Based Training packages, because of the necessary interaction between us and the students.

Like this being, our methodology is, in every week:

    1. Your new lesson for the week will be available in the Web,

    2. Your will receive an email

        a. With a link to access the lesson in the Web

        b. With an annexed zip file, including the same lesson and any extra archives, etc. 

In any moment, if  you want you can send questions by e-mails that will be commented individually by our Teachers in a maximum of 48 hours -  this is what the WBT packets don't have. To send your questions is not an imperative action, you use only if you want.  

You don't need to buy any additional documents or books, all texts and ebooks are included in our lessons.

 It is a simple methodology, but very effective and easy to follow.

Available Languages

Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Espanol, Swedish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.



Brief Notes on Certification or MBA in Information Technology or Business Administration [Business Administration & e-Company]

á Ambiguity is perhaps one of the greatest causes of failure of a project management.

Tip on online Project Management PM Return on Investment calculates the financial impact of the Project Management, including its development costs, operating and maintenance costs, and financial savings.

In other words, what do managers need to know about their customers and how is that information used to develop a complete CRM perspective? Because the whole idea is to customize each system to a specific company needs, there is no universal definition of Customer Relationship Management CRM, which has both business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications.


Brief Notes on Certification or MBA in Information Technology or Business Administration [Business Administration & e-Company]

A Project Management Rule: Foster an environment for healthy conflict.

Using Customer Relationship Management CRM - attempt to ensure that customers have a consistent, satisfying, and personalized experience when interacting with the organization.

If you manage a large Project Management and are finding it difficult to track project resources or schedules, chances are Project Management software can help.


Brief Notes on Certification or MBA in Information Technology or Business Administration [Business Administration & e-Company]

The implementation of a great Customer Relationship Management CRM system can help you grow your business much faster than your competitors.

keeping the client and management informed.

Milestones punctuate most Project right management schedules, indicating the required completion of various steps.


Brief Notes on Certification or MBA in Information Technology or Business Administration [Business Administration & e-Company]

In essence a Project Management can be captured on paper with a few simple elements: a start date, an end date, the tasks that have to be carried out and when they should be finished, and some idea of the resources (people, machines etc) that will be needed during the course of the Project Management.

An average Supply Chain Management system for between 10 and 15 users could cost in the region of $80,000, while larger set-ups can cost considerably more.

In the Others link you will see some useful links about a Project Management.


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