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Why is MBA course so complicated, limiting, expensive?
So, we built the first online free MBA courses to change all that!
See below our
available 26 MBAs and 20 Certifications

These MBA courses or Certifications are for  executives, entrepreneurs, Government officers or any companies  directors or  managers, in order to grow his careers. Last, but not the least, if one has chosen a career goal, he should be aware of the future trends and opportunities in the particular field.

International Trade Management Free Business Administration & e Company
Free International Trade Mngt
Internet Marketing &
e-Commerce Free Internet Marketing & e-Commerce
Project Management PM Paid Project Management PM
EMBA Executive Business
Administration Free Executive Business EMBA
Human Resources Management HR Free Human Resources Management HR
Finance Management Free Finance Management
Hospital & Health
Management Free Hospital & Health Management
Hotel & Tourism Management Paid Hotel & Tourism Management
Public Administration &
e-Government Free Public Administration & e-Government
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These MBA courses or Certifications  are for Information Technology IT professionals because today is imperative to learn how to manage their fields. To grow in your Government or private company you need  to learn the NEW management rules.

Paid Chief Information Officer CIO
Free Information Technology Security Mngt
Free Customer Relationship Mngt CRM
Free Enterprise Resources Planning ERP
Paid Business Intelligence & Data Mining BI
Free Virtualization & Cloud Computer  Mngt  
Free Voip Telephony System Management
Free Purchase & Supply Chain Mngt  SCM
Paid Business Automation & Workflow Mngt
Paid Mobile Program & Market & Boyd Mngt

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Paid course costs in the link "Study Periods".

These MBA courses  are either for Government or companies engineers, to learn  the NEW management rules for these engineering fields. Learning how to solve different business problems and understanding marketing issues and management related issues are some key skills an MBA course can teach you and help you to land senior management positions. Having already obtained a technical degree, a MBA completes your education in the wider areas of management.

Paid Software Engineering
Paid Civil Engineering
Paid Mechanical Engineering
Paid Electrical Engineering
Paid Petrol & Oil Engineering
Paid Municipal & Urban Engineering

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free gratis libre falas MBA Certification universitas courses teknolog.ija informatika billig Hochschule Verwaltung

 Your MBA or Certification in:
Municipal & Urban Engineering

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Our Methodology for both MBA and Certification


Our courses are individual and only by correspondence, and not in group or classes. Our lessons, your optional questions, our answers, the final examination, etc., all are individual.

We preferred to create our own methodology and not to use any existent WBT Web Based Training packages, because of the necessary interaction between us and the students.

Like this being, our methodology is, in every week:

    1. Your new lesson for the week will be available in the Web,

    2. Your will receive an email

        a. With a link to access the lesson in the Web

        b. With an annexed zip file, including the same lesson and any extra archives, etc. 

In any moment, if  you want you can send questions by e-mails that will be commented individually by our Teachers in a maximum of 48 hours -  this is what the WBT packets don't have. To send your questions is not an imperative action, you use only if you want.  

You don't need to buy any additional documents or books, all texts and ebooks are included in our lessons.

 It is a simple methodology, but very effective and easy to follow.

Available Languages

Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Espanol, Swedish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.



Notes on Municipal & Urban Engineering MBA Career

The municipalities handle tasks that can best be dealt with locally thanks to the close contact with the daily life of the citizens.

Fire services may extend to cover marine fire services and forest fire services in some areas of the country.

The level of service varies widely between cities, with some offering basic bus service and others offering metro and light rail services.


Notes on Municipal & Urban Engineering MBA Programs

The rational issue behind the creation of larger municipalities has been to improve their ability to handle the increasing number of municipal tasks.

The local government has a duty to maintain and build local streets, including repairing damage to roads, building new roads and providing snow removal and similar services to keep travelers safe.

Parks can vary in types and sizes, ranging from community playgrounds to large parks with forests.


Notes on Municipal & Urban Engineering MBA e-Learning

The government is responsible for maintaining and staffing recreational facilities, like sports fields and parks.

In smaller communities, this can be a small force or it may be a duty taken care of by provincial or federal police.

On the recreation side, municipal governments will usually have a duty to provide sports and wellness facilities such as hockey rinks, soccer fields and swimming pools.


Notes on Municipal & Urban Engineering MBA Job

Maintenance is an important duty of all municipal governments in Canada.

The municipalities handle tasks that can best be dealt with locally thanks to the close contact with the daily life of the citizens.

The local government may also have the responsibility for hiring teachers, establishing school facilities, and providing access to student transportation.


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Municipal & Urban Engineering