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MBA of Hotel & Tourism Management - MBA of Hospital & Health Management - MBA of Enterprise Resources Planning ERP - MBA of Mobile Program & Marketing & Boyd Management - MBA of Business Administration & e-Company - MBA of Human Rsources Management HR - MBA of Chief Information Officer CIO
- MBA of  Municipal & Urban Engineering - MBA of Civil Engeneering - EMBA of Executive Business Administration


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Ten MBA or Certificates

Business Administration & e-Company

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Project Management PM

EMBA Executive Business Administration

Human Resources Management HR

Finance Management

Hotel & Tourism Management

Public Administration & e-Government

Hospital & Health Management

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 Technology IT

Ten MBA or Certificates

Chief Information Officer CIO

Information Technology Security Mgmt

Customer Relationship Management CRM

Enterprise Resources Planning ERP

Business Intelligence & Data Mining BI

Virtualization & Cloud Computer Mgmt

Voip Telephony System Mgmt

Purchase & Supply Chain Mgmt SCM

Business Automation & Workflow Mgmt

Mobile Program & Marketing & Boyd Mgmt 

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Civil Engineering Management

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Software Engineering Management

Electrical Engineering Management

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MBA of sPublic Administration & e-Government

What is e-Government?

e-Government is all about government agencies working together to use technology so that they can better provide individuals and businesses with government services and information. It is not a massive Information Technology (IT) project. Much of it is about

  • establishing common standards across government,

  • delivering services more effectively,

  • providing ways for government agencies to work together

all using the best technologies that are available.

In other words, the e-Government should not be understood as the application only of the information technology IT in the Government's agencies, because he is much wider than that.

e-Government is not a fashion item; it is a major step forward in communications that has been accepted internationally. It is not an option! It is important the government helps minimize the time the public and business community spends on transactions with government. Tax dollars need to be used efficiently to improve the service continuously, and e-Government is the key.

e-Government makes it easier to do business with government. It also makes it cheaper. In England it has been estimated that it can cost as little as US$ 1-7 each time you use a service online. This compares with US$ 2-200 to deliver the same service over the counter, by mail or telephone, or by sending out a brochure.

The Public Administration & e-Government Course

1. The first 60% of the course
(The new Government tools)

In this period will be taught several procedures that are today applied in the modern management of companies and of Governments.

  • CIO Chief Information Officer Role

  • General Control Theory

  • Feedback Control System

  • Management by Exception

  • ERP Enterprise Resources Planning

  • Internet Telephony (Voice over IP)

  • CRM Customer Relationship Management & Call Centers

  • Internet Sales & Marketing

  • e-Commerce, B2B and B2C, e-Procurement

  • Telecommuter (Distance work)

  • Geo-Spatial & Informatics Integration

  • SCM Supply Chain Management & RFID

  • Business Automation & Workflow

  • Project Management PM

  • Business Intelligence BI

2. The second 40% of the course
(The old Government matters)

In this period will be taught the specific strategies of an e-Government.

  • Accessibility

  • Co-operation

  • Capability

  • Security

  • Efficiency

  • Participation

  • Other e-Strategies.


MBA Benefits for Employees

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Lead in an emerging field - A recent proliferation of “niche” Master of Business Administration programs means that you can not only look to business school for a firm grounding in the basics, but for innovative education that can lead to an exciting career in a newly emerging field such as brand management, information technology, e-commerce or mobile telecommunications—just to name a few.

Now that we have ruled out this dilemma, it is best to take a short look at how an online MBA is structured. There are basically two types of programs being offered:.

A Well-Rounded Skill Set.


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