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MBA of Customer Relationship Management CRM

An imperative course for any IT professional
(The external world of a company)

Our course MBA of Customer Relationship Management CRM teaches the foundations of the administration of companies on the relationship with its external world, with the use of the modern information technology CRM, and its goal is to give you a general vision on what is now the CRM level.

More and more in the next five years the companies will need a CRM Customer Relationship Management, that uses the new technologies (computers, Internet, communications, etc) in all types of relationships with the external world of the company.

The Course presents a general vision of each one angle of a CRM, the computer system that actuates in reciprocity directly with the customers through voice by phone (and recognition of the voice, if necessary) without human actions, for marketing, sales, several types of supports, accounts, etc. To be abbreviate, in any relationship with a customer or a potential customer, or suppliers, etc.

In recent research with IT Managers, 46% answered that the CRM is the number one in its lists of priorities for the period 2011/2013.

The CRMs principal is very clear, if a company takes care of its traditional assets with the use of a computer system as always happened, why not to use the computer system - less and less expensive and simultaneously more powerful - to take care of the great assets that are its customers, vendors, potential customers, etc, that is to say to take care of its external world?

In fact, it's a paradox that a company give absolute priority to its standard assets, managed by the computer system, and has never used the same computer system to take care of its other great assets that are its external world.

We are not software-vendors, we are an independent organization without any relationship, direct or indirect, with vendors of any CRM software. Our Internet online Customer Relationship Management CRM courses are generic, about the CRM systems, and not concerning any specific CRM software. However, we discuss the most important CRM software used today, in a conceptual manner.

The Customer Relationship Management CRM Course

Our Customer Relationship Management CRM Course covers the following matters:

First half of the Course

  • General Control Theory

  • Feedback Control Systems & Management by Exception

  • System Reliability

  • DAS Data Acquisition Concept

  • DDC Direct Digital Control Concept

  • Internet Marketing Engineering

  • e-Commerce, B2B e B2C, e-Procurement

  • VoIP Voice over IP Enterprise Telephony.

This first half normally complement a college graduation course that do not usually teach those matters, and they are imperative for any Customer Relationship Management CRM installation. You will learn on Control Theory, System Reliability, DAS and DDC Systems, Internet Marketing, e-Commerce, Enterprise Voip, etc., all conceptually.

Second half of the Course

  • Call Centers

    • Principles, Goals, Systems

  • CRM Customer Relationship Management

    • Principles, Goals, Systems.

In this second half finally we have the Customer Relationship Management CRM matters, the main goal of the Course.



MBA Benefits for Employees

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SHAPE YOUR FUTURE: Every single experience, whether individual or collective, encourages participants to set higher personal ambitions. The programme bolsters personal and career turnarounds, such as professional mobility, international mobility or entrepreneurial ventures.

Social responsibility in the classroom: Ethical behavior and social responsibility are hot topics in the business school classroom. This has come about on part because of the global financial crisis and other incidents around the world, but also in response to changes in outlook – from candidates, employers and the schools themselves.

As one graduate explained in Business Insight magazine, “after what you go through together, the partnerships you forge during your MBA are for life – you can find a business partner, a mentor, a friend, and endless career opportunities.”.


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