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MBA of Hotel & Tourism Management - MBA of Hospital & Health Management - MBA of Enterprise Resources Planning ERP - MBA of Mobile Program & Marketing & Boyd Management - MBA of Business Administration & e-Company - MBA of Human Rsources Management HR - MBA of Chief Information Officer CIO
- MBA of  Municipal & Urban Engineering - MBA of Civil Engeneering - EMBA of Executive Business Administration


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Ten MBA or Certificates

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MBA of Internet Marketing & e-Commerce

The most complete Internet Marketing course in the Web

 Five Things You Should Be Focusing On

1.    Mobile

Is your site responsive or mobile friendly?  Are you doing any mobile ads?  Have you optimized for conversational search (people are voice searching via phone and tablet at an increasing rate).  70% of mobile searches lead to an online action within an hour. That's powerful and you don't want to miss out it.

2.    Content Marketing

Consumers are looking for companies that add value to their life.  One of the best ways to stand out amongst all the noise out there is to offer interesting and compelling content that educates, informs and entertains them.

3.    Data Analysis

Gone are the days of making marketing decisions based on hunches and assumptions. There are so many tools out there that offer solid data for you so you can analyze your campaigns and determine what is and isn't working.

4.    Social SEO

SEO is a lot more complicated than it used to be, in addition to on-page optimization you need to focus on content addition, social media and boosting your authority status online.

5.    Conversion Optimization

You work really hard to get traffic to your site, the best thing you can do is make sure you are getting the most out of that traffic.  Figure out your conversion rate and then see what you can do to incrementally improve it.  Getting more sales out of the traffic you already have is the low hanging fruit and deserves your time and attention.

If you don't have the time, knowledge or skills to handle any of those areas, you need to find a solution.  Not paying attention to these key areas definitely means you are losing business and preventing your business growth.

Our MBA of Internet Marketing & e-Commerce course covers the following main matters:
  • Ethics in the Internet, what not to be done

  • Basic rules of the Internet Marketing

  • The e-mail main problem & how to avoid your Spams

  • How to manage mailing list systems

  • How to send e-mails to authorized mailing lists

  • How to promote (Submit) a site to the Searches Engines

  • How to get well ranking in Searches Engines

  • How to do the e-Commerce and the models B2B, B2C, Auctions systems, etc.

  • How to do the Customer Relationship Management CRM

  • How to get audiences with the new Internet Marketing: Inbound Links, Content Distribution, etc.

  • Blogs for Business

  • RSS Syndication

  • Search Engine Optimization SEO

  • How to write articles for a better ranking of your business

  • Social Network for Business.

  • Internet Automation:

    How to extract price lists, stock information and other data from websites
    How to test websites automatically
    How to complete automatically forms
    How to navigate complex websites repeatedly without user intervention
    How to use macros scripts for the web automation (Internet agent, robot, spider)
    How to automate search engine submission
    How to automate articles submission
    Internet Monitoring.

  • Web 2.0, Twitter.

The Internet Marketing will be this century preferential marketing medium, and it is imperative for you to see the trends of the business in the New Economy that is appearing with the Internet. The marketing in the Internet is unique and very different with  the conventional marketing.

The Internet quickly becomes a new medium for marketing and publicity. Today exists approximately one Billions users in the Internet, a very good purchasing power. The projected Internet market for 2006 is of US$ six Trillion, with 250 Million buyers. And the B2B market - including export and import sales using the Internet - is several times bigger than the above mentioned e-Commerce.

This course includes unpublished matters about Searches Engines ranking, campaigns, how to get audiences for the site of your company, how to avoid the harmful Spam, the Internet Marketing rules, etc.

You need to see that to have the one site in the Internet means to be in the middle of ten Billions of similar sites, and if your site do not appear between the first 20 or 30 results of a keyword search, your site is non-existent.

According to Gartner Group, a renowned research firm, a full 75 percent of all e-Commerce projects fail due to poor planning and failure in "how to do". The productivity gains and cost savings promised by e-Commerce solutions are often lost not because of the technology itself but because of improper management of their implementation. In most of the cases, when a massive e-Commerce solution installation goes wrong, the management of the business is to blame. Failure to see the scale of the project, oversimplification of the project, inappropriate expectations and lack of resource commitment is few of the errors made by management that debilitates the implementation and use of the e-Commerce systems.

The ensuing globalization, combined with liberalization in world economies, has led to the goal and growth of online business. Online business makes use of the fast and cheap communications for global access. The web technology further enables implementation of the various mechanisms of business processes.

Marketing is the first and a vital step in any business. Creating awareness of the entity of a manufacturer/company and its products/services is integral to the health of any business.

Exports Marketing

For a manufacturing company whose outputs can be exported to all the countries of the world, this Course is essential for its Export Manager, mainly if exporting for distributors or resellers in those countries. If you want an institutional site or a B2B site for your distributors and resellers, in both cases your company needs a world audience, exactly that this Course teaches.

Practices & Software

The practices are in "demos" of the involved programs, when applicable and/or possible. It is impossible to do the Internet marketing without those tools, and this is the reason for which be included in the Course.

We did not sell software or we are representatives of software producers, nor we wrapped up in sales of the same ones. Also, always we suggested two or more sources when applicable, for a better choice diversity.

If in the future you or your company wants to use them, you can buy them directly from its producers, and its total cost can start from US$ 50.00 depending on the goals of your company, but those purchases are not obligatory for the Course.

The Internet Marketing & Sales Program

The Course is in ten modules:

1. Ethics in the Internet, what not to be done

The Internet has its own rules, very special. Your marketing should generate a good impression, because in contrary will be destructive to the image of your company and your goals.

2. Basics of the Internet Marketing

All the basic options of the marketing in the Internet, concerning solve the access problems, the "weight of the pages", the audiences, etc.

3. The e-mails main problem & how to avoid your Spams

Of course your company should use its current mailing list for mails, faxes, etc. But in the Internet the rules are completely different. Today about 90% of the sales and marketing e-mails in the Internet is negative for the Sender because they can be classified as a Spam.

4. How to manage mailing list systems

Your company will does a campaign for the marketing of a product, and a schedule automatically will control it.

5. How to send e-mails to authorized mailing lists

This is a modern system. It is a virtual Mail Server, without hardware, using in a transparent way your Internet Provider SMTP Server, without strangling him in any way. Rules to avoid to be classified as a Spammer.

6. How to promote (Submit) a site in the Searches Engines

You can include (Submit) your Site in the Searches Engines and Links/Directories in the whole world. For each product you can make a different submit.

7. How to get well ranking in the Searches Engines

The ways to obtain a good position in the ranking of the Searches Engines, etc. As we already told, if your site is not in the first 20-30 results of a keyword search, simply he does not exist under the point of view of the sales & marketing.

8. How to do the e-Commerce, B2B and B2C, Auctions systems, etc.

Everything covering the e-Commerce, systems, installation, Perl5 scripts softwares, business to business for affiliates and dealers, etc. How to place the data of your conventional database in the Internet. The course includes also the B2B and B2C systems.

9. The new Internet Marketing

All the new Internet tools to generate audiences for your business: Blogs, Syndication, Content Distribution, Inbound Links, RSS, Articles, SEO, Social Network, etc., and the Web 2.0.

10. Celular & Smartphones Marketing

Beginning in 2015, access to the Internet is bigger than by PC computers.


MBA Benefits for Employees

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If the salary and overall career improvement potential of the MBA aren’t enough to convince you to enrol, perhaps the reported personal development that the course provides will be.

Jump up the career ladder… or move it completely: An MBA can help you develop your career to its full potential at an accelerated pace. It can open the door to many new opportunities; sectors or functions previously unconsidered, senior level roles, or roles that require an MBA and were previously out of reach. Many of the MBAs I work with were unaware of the professional possibilities available to them before they attended B school and many others change careers as a result of their MBA.

Whether you wish to further your current career by advancing in a leadership position, or you want to pursue a new career, an MBA is definitely going to boost your chances of achieving these goals.

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