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Why is MBA course so complicated, limiting, and expensive? So, we built the first online MBA courses to change all that.

See below our
available 26 MBAs.

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Business Administration MBA

These MBA courses are for  executives, entrepreneurs, Government officers or any companies  directors or  managers, in order to grow his careers. Last, but not the least, if one has chosen a career goal, he should be aware of the future trends and opportunities in the particular field. 

 Business Administration & e-Company
 International Trade Management
 Internet Marketing & e-Commerce
 Project Management PM
 EMBA Executive Business Administration
 Human Resources Management HR
 Finance Management
 Hospital & Health Management
 Hotel & Tourism Management
 Public Administration & e-Government           
      See also Municipal & Urban Engineering


Information Technology MBA

These MBA courses  are for Information Technology IT professionals because today is imperative to learn how to manage their fields. To grow in your Government or private company you need  to learn the NEW management rules. 

  Chief Information Officer CIO
 Information Technology Security Mng
 Customer Relationship Management CRM
 Enterprise Resources Planning ERP
 Business Intelligence & Data Mining BI
 Virtualization & Cloud Computer Management.
 Voip Telephony System Management
 Purchase & Supply Chain Management SCM
 Business Automation & Workflow Management
 Mobile Programming & Marketing & Boyd Mngt

  Engineering MBA

These MBA courses  are either for Government or companies engineers, to learn  the NEW management rules for these engineering fields. Learning how to solve different business problems and understanding marketing issues and management related issues are some key skills an MBA course can teach you and help you to land senior management positions. Having already obtained a technical degree, a MBA completes your education in the wider areas of management.

 Software Engineering
 Civil Engineering
 Mechanical Engineering
 Electrical Engineering
 Petrol & Oil Engineering
 Municipal & Urban Engineering

Notes on MBA

Notes on Customer Relationship Management CRM MBA online Education

Some industries, such as financial services, have become very sophisticated in using BI software for financial reporting and consolidation, customer intelligence, regulatory compliance, and risk management.á However, retailers are quickly catching up and beginning to recognize the many areas of BI that can be applied specifically to their businesses.

Project Management includes developing a project plan, which includes defining the Project Management goals and objectives, specifying tasks or how goals will be achieved, what resources are need, and associating budgets and timelines for completion.

Across every sector and industry, effective Customer Relationship Management CRM is a strategic imperative for corporate growth and survival.


Notes on Customer Relationship Management CRM MBA online Jobs

The implementation of a great Customer Relationship Management CRM system can help you grow your business much faster than your competitors.

A Project Management Rule: Tightly couple learning with action.

Today's Tip on Customer Relationship Management CRM: These days, a companyÆs telephony system is already integrated into the responsibility of its IT Information Technology Dept, not only because itÆs often digital, but mainly because itÆs more and more integrated into the data network.



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26 MBAs

In 35 languages!

Recharge your career!
Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow!
Our almost free online MBA let you continue work full time while pursuing your education goals!
Earn a MBA that works around
your schedule, in your home,

only two hours per

180,000 MBA students in 17 years!
The MBAs highly required by the
Business & Manufacturing & Services fields

In short, what you need? Business MBA? Engineering MBA? Hospital MBA? Hotel MBA? CIO Chief Information Officer MBA? Human Resources HR MBA? IT Security MBA? e-Government MBA? Urban MBA? CRM MBA? ERP MBA? SCM MBA?  Mobile & Boyd MBA? Finance MBA?
Project Management MBA?  Virtualization & Cloud MBA?

See our available programs in the left column.

One year MBA cost:
only US$ 698.00 total
Two payment options:
or US$ 98.00 plus US$ 600.00 in 30 days

or US$ 840.00 in ten US$ 84.00 installments

Four months MBA cost:
only US$ 298.00 total
Two payment options:
or US$ 88.00 plus US$ 210.00 in 30 days
or US$ 328.00 in four US$ 82.00 installments

Almost 50% of our MBA lessons
are from the elite Universities

MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Sloan School of Management
Cornell University

MBAs in three management fields:
Information Technology
Business Administration


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Frequent Asked Questions FAQ

We recommend to see our two presentation video.

If you are an employee, 

we recommend to show our HR presentation to your Human Resources Department, asking to sponsor your MBA course - with a 50% discount.

For these specific questions, please click in the corresponding link:

Our Holding Organization
How It Works & Lesson Example
Final examinations & Diploma & Certification
Our Low Cost
Parcial Scholarship

Our Questions and Answers in this page, are the following: 

How to pay
How to request a Proforma Invoice
Online class versus an online course
Available languages
How many hours per week I need to study
How to send questions
How to request a Proforma Invoice
When will be the next class
Can I interrupt the course for any reason
Students references

How to pay

Please request and you will receive an e-mail with the money transfer details to use one of the below payments options.

1. Paypal   

Our payment method is to transfer to our PayPal account name. It is very safe, free (no cost for the remittance), and is possible to pay through the Internet and using your Credit Card or even a friend Credit Card
, or a transfer from your bank account. Using PayPal will be possible to you

  • Transfer from your bank account to our bank account,

  • Transfer from your Credit/Debit Cards,

  • eCheck transfers.

However, if is impossible to use a Paypal account (to open a Paypal account is free, but in some countries they do not accept the Paypal system), or if impossible to use a family member or a friend accounts) exceptionally you have the following three alternatives

  • Money Gram

  • Western Union

  • Transfers to our bank account

Western Union or Money Gram systems

These transfers are very safe (because go to a fully identified Beneficiary, a person, one of our Direcors), of low cost (normally US$ 15.00 up to US$ 20.00 per transfer) and fast (normally in minutes).

Transfers to our bank account:

In this case, you have two alternatives:

a. Swift system: You must go to any bank that uses the Swift bank transfer system and do the transfer.  Also, we do not accept payments for installments and scholarships using the Swift system. Because a local cost charged by our bank, please include an US$ 40.00 extra fee per transfer.

b. eCheck system: You must go to any bank that uses the eCheck system. However and as we mentioned before, PayPal will accept transfers from your bank account to your PayPal account (this is free) and later you will transfer from you Paypal account to our PayPal account. In this case we can accept any payment values and also we accept installment payments. Using an eCheck, we receive the money in few days.

If you need an Invoice of our receipt, please ask in your enrollment. The Invoice is not automatic, please ask for.

How to request a Proforma Invoice

Because some students want to show to his employers a Proforma Invoice about his payment, if you request we will send our U.S. Proforma Invoice (with the name and address of our J.C. Melo MS MBA College), in a .jpg format and signed by an Account Dept officer.

This Proforma Invoice must be filled with the name of the organization that will sponsor you, we do not send Proforma Invoices in the name of the prospective student. However, after your payment you will receive a Receipt Invoice (this is not automatic, you need to request).

Please send the following information in order to obtain this Proforma Invoice (all the following information are imperative):

  • Name and direction of the organization that will sponsor you (this is because spammers)

  • Your Full name

  • City and Country

  • Total cost

  • Payment method.

This is not an Invoice of our Receipt, this is a Proforma Invoice. Because of instructions from ours supporters, all our Proforma Invoices sent by the web will be in .jpg image format, with several words "Proforma Invoice" in the background.

Online class versus an online course

The online course with class has some disadvantages among the ones the following::

  • Forces the student to have a PC with a minimum structure of good sound and video (camera, etc). This is possible in the most important countries, but not in the entire World. 

  • Forces the student to be available during specific hours and days, for an online class. 

  • The interaction between student and teacher is low, because it's limited to the little time of online access and normally in group. 

  • The students needs a fast Internet connection as DSL or similar, because with dial-up connections (let's say, with 28.8k) they are very slow in order to follow the course.

But the online individual course doesn't have none of these four limitations above, because its only demand is to have access, usually once a week, to an Internet browser, and the interaction is total because all your e-mails with questions - if you wanted to send questions, this is not mandatory - they are individually and personally answered by the teacher.

The online class is "beautiful", but it's not practical and easy as the course by correspondence. And if we think in the whole world, the online course it's almost impossible.

Available languages

Our courses are in two languages, in English plus one of the following languages at your choice:

Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Espanol, Swedish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

Our translation methodology is very good for you, because in the Business and the IT fields the English is mandatory, and you can compare paragraph by paragraph in the two languages, you will see both languages at the same time, in the Web. 

As an example, in the Google Translate link (in all our pages, in the right) please go to your native language. In your lessons in the Web, will be the same procedure. Or better, go to the link Lesson Example and do the same thing.

How many hours per week I need to study

Up to two hours per week.

How to send questions

The questions are optional, it is your exclusively decision. The questions are not mandatory.

The questions are answered up to 24 hours.

When will be the next class

As your course is individual, usually will start five work days after your payment.

Can I interrupt the course for any reason

Yes, if you do not have any over-due debit in your account. You can continue in the future, starting from the point that interrupted.

Students references

Our holding is an old and famous Brazilian consulting company, presided by Dr. J.C. Melo which during many years was considered, in Brazil, the number one in real time process control by computers. To see in top link "Our Holding Organization" click here.

During 16 years almost in every week we received stimulants references from our students. However, by security reasons (and also as requested by our students) we do not disclose its e-mails.

As an exception because this is public, below are an e-mail that recently we received from fetchpoodlel.com, from one of our students:

"I have decided to include the school in my mega search engine and other partnered search engines in my quest to help bring more audiences to the quality education offered by AbetInternational University. It was a nice course.

The school is listed in www.fetchpoodle.com under the featured site for free. The listing will automatically appear in my other search engines.

Dr. Idahosa Charles, Ph.D,DBA
Chief Executive Consultant fetchpoodle.com and shoppingsearchs.com"

The above reference added in the mentioned listing:

Affordable and trusted Quality MBA education verified by fetchpoodle chief consultant."

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Why MBA?
A MBA - getting your Diploma and Transcript - will be the most important decision for your career! See the benefits for employees or employers.  Also, see the differences  between our four months and one year MBAs.

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See our costs and the seven main reasons that  explain our almost free low costs. Do not believe that an MBA should be obligatorily of long duration! We are a team of engineers with extensive expertise in next generation business and IT MBA courses, obsessed with a very simple question: Why is online MBA course so complicated, limiting, and expensive? So, we built the first online MBA course to change all that.

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Ask for a partial scholarship that will decrease 50% in our total costs.  In a narrative you must detail why is impossible to pay our full costs,  describing your reasons why your deserve a Scholarship. However, we can accept the alternative of an email from your employer or from your school, saying that the scholarship candidate can not afford to pay the full value of the MBA course.

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See the options for your final examination.  Choose one of these two words (Certificate or  Diploma)  to be used in your documents  and  your transcript letter. Depending of your country rules, will be necessary to use the right word.

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You study only two/three hours per week, in your home ! The lessons are in  the Web, to be accessed by you. See available languages and countries. See a lesson example.

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We had, in the last 17 years, 180,000 MBA students. However our holding J.C. Melo Technical Consulting Inc is more older.

Read More Our MBA organization

See the  answers to the most frequently asked questions that we receive. Like next class, how to pay, available languages, etc.

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For the HR department of any company or Government agencies, we give a 50% discount on any of our  MBA courses. Talk to your HR departament.

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Our advertisers have had experienced advertise returns up to seven times more effective than content oriented magazines. Our ads are Yellow Pages type and additionally for our 180,000 former students. We have become one of the most cost efficient advertising methods offering superlative value for money. Due to the nature of our advertising method, it often generates the most favorable click-through ratio compared to other similar advertising solutions.

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Notes on Customer Relationship Management CRM MBA Internet Schools

Tip on online Project Management PM A Project Management Rule: Collaborate.

Balancing limited labor, materials, and other resources is a difficult task that earns a good Project Management top dollar.

Bluntly successful CRM always starts with top management.

Notes on Customer Relationship Management CRM MBA e-Learning Courses

Project Management is fundamentally about scheduling tasks.

Return on Investment calculates the financial impact of the Project Management, including its development costs, operating and maintenance costs, and financial savings.

Tip on online Project Management PM Do your workplans, resources, and performance metrics offer a solid readout of what is going on with your projectsÆ performance? Do you Plan your Work then Work your Plan, or are you simply envious of those who do? Today's Tip on online Project Management PM Are we using Project Management as a data repository for tasks or are we using it as our monitoring and control tool? Hopefully, project managers are using their Project Management for both.

Notes on Customer Relationship Management CRM MBA Internet Courses

Today's Tip on online Project Management PM When you think of a business manager, typically, youÆll think of someone who oversees a specific functional business areaùfor instance, a sales team manager, or the manager of the accounting department.

Therefore, operations management often includes substantial measurement and analysis of internal processes.á A highly efficient chain necessarily uses its capacity to the utmost, minimizes inventory at each location, and streamlines operations to achieve economies of scale at every link.

Almost any human activity that involves carrying out a non-repetitive task can be a project management.

Notes on Customer Relationship Management CRM MBA Internet School

The Project Management definition tells you what is inside and what is outside the box.

Reactions may include the Six Sigma strategy, balanced scorecard, activity-based costing (ABC), Total Quality Management, economic value-add, and integrated strategic measurement.

Implementing a Customer Relationship Management CRM system requires substantial time and resource commitments.

Notes on Customer Relationship Management CRM MBA online Program

A good project management definition is defense against scope creep that gradual (or not-so-gradual) expansion of the project management as it unfolds.

Maintenance management focuses on managing assets and optimizing the availability of those assets.

The Project Management definition tells you what is inside and what is outside the box.

Notes on Customer Relationship Management CRM MBA e-Learning Programs

A key factor in successful project management is to invest sufficient time in defining and planning the project.

For some, the black-and-white nature of Project Management work makes for a refreshing challenge.

Because the whole idea is to customize each system to a specific company needs, there is no universal definition of Customer Relationship Management CRM, which has both business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications.

Notes on Customer Relationship Management CRM MBA Internet College

easy in practice but everyone can recollect a Project Management that has been completed late or run over budget.

SAP has a firm strategy on the BusinessObjects side, and they're also extending performance management into operations in areas like IT management and supply chain, said John Van Decker, research vice president at Gartner, adding that SAP is the poster child for consolidation in the BI/CPM space with such acquisitions as BusinessObjects, SRC Software and OulookSoft.

Covers basics, project life cycle, common mistakes made by project managers and gives pointers to various useful project management resources including freeware and shareware.

Notes on Customer Relationship Management CRM MBA online Manager

Their numbers have grown rapidly as industry and commerce has realised that much of what it does is Project Management work.

Milestones punctuate most Project Management schedules, indicating the required completion of various steps.

For time you originally start with an estimate (also know as a guess) on how long it may take to reach the stated goal of the Project Management.

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