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MBA of International Trade Management

An imperative course to any import export professional

Our online International Trade Management ITM curriculum would provide a first level exposure to all the building blocks, decision making issues, and emerging advances in the area of Imports & Exports, including:

  • General Control Theory & Feedback Control Systems

  • New International Trade Technology Matters

    • Supply Chain Management SCM & RFID

    • Enterprise Foreign Telephony VOIP

  • Internet Marketing for Global Exports

    • Ethics in the Internet, what not to be done

    • Basic rules of the Internet Marketing

    • The e-Mail main problem & How to avoid your Spams

    • How to manage mailing list systems

    • How to send e-Mail to authorized mailing lists

    • How to promote (Submit) a site to the Search Engines

    • How to get well ranking in Search Engines

    • How to do the e-Commerce and the models B2B, B2C, Auction systems, etc.

    • How to do the Customer Relationship Management CRM

    • How to get audience with the new Internet Marketing: Inbound Links, Content Distribution, etc.

    • Blogs for Business, RSS Syndication, Social Network for Business

    • How to write export & import articles for a better ranking of your business

    • The modern Search Engine Optimization SEO.

  • International Trade

    • Models

    • Regulations

    • Risks

  • Export Procedures

    • Direct & Indirect Exports

    • Export Organizations

    • How to Improve your Product for Export

    • Legal, Regulations

    • Freight Forwarders

    • Packing, Labels

    • Documents

    • Shipping, Insurance, Traffics

    • Prices, Quotations, Terms of Sales

    • Payments, Letters of Credit, Financing

    • Business Travels, Sales to Overseas

  • Import Procedures

    • Import Business Plan

    • The Import Logistic Plan

    • What Foreign Source

    • Terms, Finance

    • Importing Products

  • General

    • Bibliography

    • Currencies

    • Countries

    • Languages

    • Statistics.

Who Should Attend?

International Trade entrepreneurs or managers who wish to understand the fundamental issues and emerging trends in this important area

Academics who are teaching or planning to teach a course on International Trade Management at undergraduate or Master's level

Senior undergraduate students, Master's students, and research students who wish to obtain a sound exposure to the area of International Trade Management

Any International Trade professional.


MBA Benefits for Employees

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To explain the virtues of online education, it is best to look at the intangible expectations, and thus challenges, of an online MBA. Reputation and networking spring to mind immediately: will an online MBA have the same value to employers? And will an online MBA give me the access to a strong and useful professional network?.

Employers report that Masters of Business Administration are people with a high level of credibility, they are extremely confident and able to influence other workers. .

While you can learn MBA course content on the job, you might never receive those opportunities in your workplace. Studying for an MBA provides those opportunities in a safe and structured environment.


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