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Why is MBA course so complicated, limiting, and expensive? So, we built the first online MBA courses to change all that.

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Business Administration MBA

These MBA courses are for  executives, entrepreneurs, Government officers or any companies  directors or  managers, in order to grow his careers. Last, but not the least, if one has chosen a career goal, he should be aware of the future trends and opportunities in the particular field. 

 Business Administration & e-Company
 International Trade Management
 Internet Marketing & e-Commerce
 Project Management PM
 EMBA Executive Business Administration
 Human Resources Management HR
 Finance Management
 Hospital & Health Management
 Hotel & Tourism Management
 Public Administration & e-Government           
      See also Municipal & Urban Engineering


Information Technology MBA

These MBA courses  are for Information Technology IT professionals because today is imperative to learn how to manage their fields. To grow in your Government or private company you need  to learn the NEW management rules. 

  Chief Information Officer CIO
 Information Technology Security Mng
 Customer Relationship Management CRM
 Enterprise Resources Planning ERP
 Business Intelligence & Data Mining BI
 Virtualization & Cloud Computer Management.
 Voip Telephony System Management
 Purchase & Supply Chain Management SCM
 Business Automation & Workflow Management
 Mobile Programming & Marketing & Boyd Mngt

  Engineering MBA

These MBA courses  are either for Government or companies engineers, to learn  the NEW management rules for these engineering fields. Learning how to solve different business problems and understanding marketing issues and management related issues are some key skills an MBA course can teach you and help you to land senior management positions. Having already obtained a technical degree, a MBA completes your education in the wider areas of management.

 Software Engineering
 Civil Engineering
 Mechanical Engineering
 Electrical Engineering
 Petrol & Oil Engineering
 Municipal & Urban Engineering

Notes on MBA

Notes on Customer Relationship Management CRM MBA Internet Administration

These BI systems must combine data management (consolidating, organizing, and cleansing huge amounts of disparate data from varying systems and platforms) with predictive analytics (data mining, forecasting, optimization).

The focused Project Management principle: No one has to play detective to discover the goals nor play lawyer to defend them.

Generally, Project Management involves managing cross-functional teams, rather than people who all work in the same business discipline.


Notes on Customer Relationship Management CRM MBA Internet Programs

Reactions may include the Six Sigma strategy, balanced scorecard, activity-based costing (ABC), Total Quality Management, economic value-add, and integrated strategic measurement.

Their numbers have grown rapidly as industry and commerce has realised that much of what it does is Project Management work.

In the realm of quality and the management of expectations it is essential to create right balance.



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In short, what you need? Business MBA? Engineering MBA? Hospital MBA? Hotel MBA? CIO Chief Information Officer MBA? Human Resources HR MBA? IT Security MBA? e-Government MBA? Urban MBA? CRM MBA? ERP MBA? SCM MBA?  Mobile & Boyd MBA? Finance MBA?
Project Management MBA?  Virtualization & Cloud MBA?

See our available programs in the left column.

One year MBA cost:
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or US$ 840.00 in ten US$ 84.00 installments

Four months MBA cost:
only US$ 298.00 total
Two payment options:
or US$ 88.00 plus US$ 210.00 in 30 days
or US$ 328.00 in four US$ 82.00 installments

Almost 50% of our MBA lessons
are from the elite Universities

MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Sloan School of Management
Cornell University

MBAs in three management fields:
Information Technology
Business Administration


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Business Administration & e-Company

Very modern and imperative matters are covered in our Next-Generation MBA of Business Administration & e-Company. The old and standard Business Administration concepts included in any current MBA program are very important, but today the companies are very different.

This new situation strongly demands a MBA program including the General Control Theory, the control engineering, the new business technologies, the Management by Exception concept automated by computer systems, the Feedback Control System, etc.

Our Next-Generation MBA of Business Administration & e-Company cannot be compared with a traditional MBA Master. He also teaches the traditional basic principles of a MBA Master, but in a much more concentrated way. But if we refer about a more modern business administration, our course is better because he teaches matters like CIO, CRM, ERP, VOIP, SCM, Call Centers, TeleCommuter, Geo-Spatial, etc., that now are the most demanded subjects by the companies.

Because of that, our Next-Generation MBA of Business Administration & e-Company is also used as a complementation for any traditional MBA Master, that usually does not include those contents.

This point is very important. Because we have a strong technologic background AND the today's different nature of the business, our MBA program covers the major business disciplines from an information technology perspective, and considers the business and technology issues facing today’s companies.

The business is more and more the technology, and vice-versa. The companies are more and more electronics, as for examples the ERP Enterprise Resources Planning, the CRM Customer Relationship Management, the Voice over IP VoIP, the sophisticated Call Centers, etc. Therefore, a modern Business Administrator must establish these new ways to do the business and how to manage these modern enterprises.

Our MBA program is one of few of the World including the very modern matters concerning the new ways to do the business.

The Business Administration & e-Company Course

Students will take lessons covering the following fields:

1. The first 65% of the course
(The new business matters, in a conceptual way)

  • CIO Chief Information Officer Role

  • General Control Theory

  • Feedback Control System

  • Management by Exception

  • ERP Enterprise Resources Planning

  • Enterprise Internet Telephony (Voice over IP)

  • CRM Customer Relationship Management & Call Centers

  • Internet Sales & Marketing

  • e-Commerce, B2B and B2C, e-Procurement

  • TeleCommuter (Distance work)

  • Geo-Spatial & Informatics Integration

  • SCM Supply Chain Management & RFID

  • Business Automation & Workflow

  • Project Management PM

  • Business Intelligence BI & Data Mining

  • The Concept of the Cloud Computing (The new computer age).

2. The second 35% of the course
(The old MBA matters)

  • Sales & Marketing Management

  • Operations Management

  • Human Resources Management

  • Development Management

  • Leadership Development

  • Strategic Management

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Why MBA?
A MBA - getting your Diploma and Transcript - will be the most important decision for your career! See the benefits for employees or employers.  Also, see the differences  between our four months and one year MBAs.

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See our costs and the seven main reasons that  explain our almost free low costs. Do not believe that an MBA should be obligatorily of long duration! We are a team of engineers with extensive expertise in next generation business and IT MBA courses, obsessed with a very simple question: Why is online MBA course so complicated, limiting, and expensive? So, we built the first online MBA course to change all that.

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Ask for a partial scholarship that will decrease 50% in our total costs.  In a narrative you must detail why is impossible to pay our full costs,  describing your reasons why your deserve a Scholarship. However, we can accept the alternative of an email from your employer or from your school, saying that the scholarship candidate can not afford to pay the full value of the MBA course.

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See the options for your final examination.  Choose one of these two words (Certificate or  Diploma)  to be used in your documents  and  your transcript letter. Depending of your country rules, will be necessary to use the right word.

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You study only two/three hours per week, in your home ! The lessons are in  the Web, to be accessed by you. See available languages and countries. See a lesson example.

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We had, in the last 17 years, 180,000 MBA students. However our holding J.C. Melo Technical Consulting Inc is more older.

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See the  answers to the most frequently asked questions that we receive. Like next class, how to pay, available languages, etc.

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For the HR department of any company or Government agencies, we give a 50% discount on any of our  MBA courses. Talk to your HR departament.

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Notes on Customer Relationship Management CRM MBA e-Learning University

Another discipline is portfolio management--a way to look across IT investments and balance them across business needs, in both the short and long terms.

Download pmintro.exe Project Management Tutor free download If you want, download the trial version that is free for 30 days.

A Project Management Rule: Cultivate practices of commitment-making.

Notes on Customer Relationship Management CRM MBA Internet Education

Because the whole idea is to customize each system to a specific company needs, there is no universal definition of Customer Relationship Management CRM, which has both business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications.

There is a big difference between carrying out a very simple Project Management involving one or two people and one involving a complex mix of people, organisations and tasks.

Tip on online Project Management PM Return on Investment calculates the financial impact of the Project Management, including its development costs, operating and maintenance costs, and financial savings.

Notes on Customer Relationship Management CRM MBA Internet Schools

The Project Management definition tells you what is inside and what is outside the box.

Tip on online Project Management PM Everyone in business and industry will soon be expected to be project completion experts.

For example, for businesses which have higher operational/credit risk loading (for example, credit cards and wealth management ), a large multi-national bank makes KPI-related data available weekly, and sometimes offers a daily analysis of numbers.

Notes on Customer Relationship Management CRM MBA online Course

Life would be easy for Project Management managers and performers if measurable, objective quality criteria were fully articulated, from the very beginning of a Project Management.

In the Others link you will see some useful links about a Project Management.

A Project Management Rule: Build relationships intentionally.

Notes on Customer Relationship Management CRM MBA Internet Colleges

Business performance management (BPM) (or Corporate performance management, Enterprise performance management, Operational performance management, Business performance optimization) consists of a set of processes that help organizations optimize their business performance.

Tip on online Project Management PM Project Management PM is used by large corporations, governments, and smaller organizations to standardize and reduce the tasks necessary to complete a project in the most effective and efficient manner and covering any field.

Simple in practice but everyone can recollect a Project Management that has been completed late or run over budget.

Notes on Customer Relationship Management CRM MBA online University

The balanced scorecard is the most widely adoptedcitation needed performance management methodology.

Project management has long been discussed by corporate executives and academics as one of the several workable possibilities for organizational forms of the future that could integrate complex efforts and reduce bureaucracy.

The goal of a project management is to create something new, or unique.

Notes on Customer Relationship Management CRM MBA Internet Courses

Tip on online Project Management PM Do your workplans, resources, and performance metrics offer a solid readout of what is going on with your projectsÆ performance? Do you Plan your Work then Work your Plan, or are you simply envious of those who do? Today's Tip on online Project Management PM Are we using Project Management as a data repository for tasks or are we using it as our monitoring and control tool? Hopefully, project managers are using their Project Management for both.

Today's Tip on Customer Relationship Management CRM: While defining ROI it goes CRM is difficult, it is live important than ever.

An example is an enterprise program-management office that coordinates individual projects and holistic programs across the enterprise.

Notes on Customer Relationship Management CRM MBA e-Learning Jobs

Project management is really designed to make better use of existing resources by getting work to flow horizontally as well as vertically within the company.

CRM applications can enable effective Customer Relationship Management, provided that an enterprise has the right leadership, strategy, and culture.

What is Project right management PM?: Project right managers can be found in all industries.

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