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Why is MBA course so complicated, limiting, expensive?
So, we built the first online MBA courses to change all that,
only US$ 650.00  (one year courses) or
US$ 268.00 (four months courses)

plus scholarships!

See below our
available 26 MBAs and 20 Certifications

Business Administration & e-company
International Trade Management
Internet Marketing & e-Commerce
Project Management PM
 EMBA Executive Business Administration
Human Resources Management HR
Finance Management
Hospital & Health Management

Hotel & Tourism Management
Public Administration & e-Government

         See also Municipal & Urban Engineering


Chief Information Officer CIO
Information Technology Security Management
 Customer Relationship Management CRM
Enterprise Resources Planning ERP
Business Intelligence & Data Mining BI
Virtualization & Cloud Computer Mngt
Voip Telephony System Management
Purchase & Supply Chain Management SCM
Business Automation & Workflow Mngt
Mobile Program & Marketing & Boyd Mngt 

Civil Engineering Management
Mechanical Engineering Management
Software EngineeringManagement
Electrical Engineering Management
 Petrol & Oil Engineering Management
 Municipal & Urban Engineering Management

       No Certifications in Engineering

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 Your MBA or Certification in:
Business Administration & e-Company

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Why Earning a MBA From Anywhere Else May Be a Waste of 1000-3000 of Hours of Your Time?

Do not fall for this error.

In articles published in Business 2.0, National Post, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the Chronicle of Higher Education, Stanford Business School Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer stated that you may be just as successful in your career if you do a two or three week boot camp on business basics instead of a two-year MBA.

And we complement: Or a similar course through the Internet, as our MBAs.

Professor Pfeiffer analyzed 40 years of research on the economic value of a MBA degree. He ended that it does not guarantee a successful career or a higher salary. His research was published in an issue of the Academy of Management Learning and Education. Stanford graduate student Christina Fong was his co-author.

Dr. Pfeiffer is an expert in organizational behavior and has taught at elite American business schools for over 30 years.

He says: "Obviously, if you get admitted to Harvard or Stanford or another elite school, the very fact of your admission is going to increase your worth in the job market. Employers who hire brand-name MBA graduates do so because of the quality of the student body at the school, not whether the students have acquired specific skills or knowledge with their degrees."

He also said "Little of what is taught to students in business school prepares them for the corporate workplace. One problem is that much of the business school curriculum has remained unchanged since the 1960s."

And we complement: Our MBA are designed to teach the modern business technologies used in any modern company. Actually, only 2% of the MBA curriculum teach these modern business technologies.

"U.S. schools have also become slaves to magazine rankings, leading them to develop coddling devices such as professor-written lesson summaries to bolster their "student satisfaction" appraisals. When students are relieved of any sense of responsibility for their learning ... they learn much less."

"A recent report from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the primary accrediting body in North America lambasted its members for maintaining a curriculum that is out of touch with modern business practices. It said that preparation for the rapid pace of business cannot be obtained from textbooks and cases" said Professor Pfeffer.

From the begin, we designed our MBA programs to overcome the difficulties inherent in MBA programs and business schools in the USA and elsewhere.

Why waste thousands of hours of your time on a standard MBA when you can spend more or less 100-150 hours - only approximately four hours/week, in your home - on an online very modern MBA through the Internet, as our Next-Generation MBAs?

The New Ways to do the Management and the New MBA

Very modern and imperative matters are covered in our Next-Generation MBA of Business Administration & e-Company. The old and standard Business Administration concepts included in any current MBA program are very important, but today the companies are very different.

This new situation strongly demands a MBA program including the General Control Theory, the control engineering, the new business technologies, the Management by Exception concept automated by computer systems, the Feedback Control System, etc.

Our Next-Generation MBA of Business Administration & e-Company cannot be compared with a traditional MBA Master. He also teaches the traditional basic principles of a MBA Master, but in a much more concentrated way. But if we refer about a more modern business administration, our course is better because he teaches matters like CIO, Virtualization, CRM, ERP, VOIP, SCM, Call Centers, TeleCommuter, Geo-Spatial, etc., that nows are the most demanded subjects by the companies.

Because of that, our Next-Generation MBA of Business Administration & e-Company is also used as a complementation for any traditional MBA Master, that usually does not include those contents.

This point is very important. Because we have a strong technologic background and the today's different nature of the business, our MBA program covers the major business disciplines from an conceptual and information technology perspectives, and considers the business and technology issues facing todays companies.

The business is more and more the technology, and vice-versa. The companies are more and more electronics, as for examples the ERP Enterprise Resources Planning, the CRM Customer Relationship Management, the Voice over IP VoIP, the sophisticated Call Centers, the SCM, the BPM and Workflow, the Business Automation, the Business Intelligence, the Internet Marketing & Sales, etc. 

Are  your IT or business management skills about to be expired?

Countries: Equatorial Guinea Malabo Guyana Georgetown Zimbabwe Harare Turks and Caicos Islands Cockburn Town
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Brief Notes on Certification or MBA in Information Technology or Business Administration [Business Administration & e-Company]

Implementing a Customer Relationship Management CRM system requires substantial time and resource commitments.

What is Project right management PM?: Project right management is a carefully planned and organized effort to accomplish a specific and usually one-time effort, for example, construct a building or implement a new computer system.

It sets limits on the Project Management.


Brief Notes on Certification or MBA in Information Technology or Business Administration [Business Administration & e-Company]

Return-on- Investment calculates the financial impact of the Project Management, including its development costs, operating and maintenance costs, and financial savings.

For quite some time, Project Management PM software tools have helped schedule and manage the time, materials, equipment, and labor to complete a projectùefficiently, on time, and within budget.

Additional information Compiere is a software with the function Enterprise Resources Planning ERP, also including the function Customer Relationship Management CRM (and in addition a Point-of-Sale POS), being widely used for the two above-mentioned purposes (training and operation).


Brief Notes on Certification or MBA in Information Technology or Business Administration [Business Administration & e-Company]

Milestones punctuate most Project Management schedules, indicating the required completion of various steps.

Keep your team ready to respond and adjust to the changing circumstances of the Project Management by including them in regular planning conversations.

When entering in a new company, a MBA has the obligation toá introduceá that new media and of promoting an audience more larger for the company.


Brief Notes on Certification or MBA in Information Technology or Business Administration [Business Administration & e-Company]

A project management managed by a team of people who donÆt get along will probably face many more challenges and have great difficulty overcoming obstacles than the project with a team that works well together and blends in a little fun.

Operational and transactional systems such as merchandise management, ERP (enterprise resource planning), and POS, are very good at what they do -- organizing huge amounts of operational data and transactions.

Simple in practice but everyone can recollect a Project Management that has been completed late or run over budget.


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