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Courses in:
Business - Information Technology IT -  Engineering

Few examples of our 26 MBAs:
MBA of Hotel & Tourism Management - MBA of Hospital & Health Management - MBA of Enterprise Resources Planning ERP - MBA of Mobile Program & Marketing & Boyd Management - MBA of Business Administration & e-Company - MBA of Human Rsources Management HR - MBA of Chief Information Officer CIO
- MBA of  Municipal & Urban Engineering - MBA of Civil Engeneering - EMBA of Executive Business Administration


Why is MBA courses so complicated, limiting,  expensive? 

So, we built the first online MBA courses to 
change all that!

200,000 MBA students in 20 years!


Scholl of  Business


Ten MBA or Certificates

Business Administration & e-Company

International Trade

Internet Marketing  & e-Commerce

Project Management PM

EMBA Executive Business Administration

Human Resources Management HR

Finance Management

Hotel & Tourism Management

Public Administration & e-Government

Hospital & Health Management

Scholl of Information

 Technology IT

Ten MBA or Certificates

Chief Information Officer CIO

Information Technology Security Mgmt

Customer Relationship Management CRM

Enterprise Resources Planning ERP

Business Intelligence & Data Mining BI

Virtualization & Cloud Computer Mgmt

Voip Telephony System Mgmt

Purchase & Supply Chain Mgmt SCM

Business Automation & Workflow Mgmt

Mobile Program & Marketing & Boyd Mgmt 

Scholl of Engineering 


Civil Engineering Management

Mechanical Engineering Management

Software Engineering Management

Electrical Engineering Management

Petrol & Oil Engineering Management

 Municipal & Urban Engineering Mgmt

Recharge your career!

Learn Today,
Lead Tomorrow!

Earn a MBA that works aound your scheduler, in your home, only two hours per week.

Our almost free online MBA let you continue work full time while persuing your education goals.

The "Professionalizing" MBAs preferably by the fields Business, Services and Manufacturing.

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U.S.A. 1 (313) 625-5963
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    b. Job experiences in the field to be studied.

Please describe your pre-requisites here:

College/University Degree:

Job Experiences in the field of the Course:


2.  Please choice ONE (or a maximum of TWO) of the below 26 Courses:

Business Managementl

[  ] MBA of Business Administration & e-Company
] MBA of International Trade Management
[  ] MBA of Public Administration & e-Government
[  ] MBA of Internet Marketing & Sales
[  ] MBA of Project Management
[  ] EMBA of Executive Business Administration
[  ] MBA of Human Resources Management
[  ] MBA of Finance Management
[  ] MBA of Hospital & Health Management
[  ] MBA of Hotel & Tourism Management

Information Technology Management

[  ] MBA of Chief Information Officer CIO
[  ] MBA
of  Customer Relationship Management CRM
[  ] MBA of Enterprise Resources Planning ERP
[  ] MBA of Business Intelligence & Data Mining BI
[  ] MBA of Virtualization & Cloud Computing Management CVM
[  ] MBA of Voip Telephony System Management VSM
[  ] MBA of Purchasing & Supply Chain Management SCM
[  ] MBA of Business Automation & Workflow Management
[  ] MBA of Information Technology Security Management
[  ] MBA of Mobile Program & Marketing & Boyd Management

Engineering Management (only MBAs)

[  ] MBA of Software Engineering
[  ] MBA of Civil Engineering
[  ] MBA of Electrical Engineering
[  ] MBA of Mechanical Engineering
[  ] MBA of Petrol & Oil Engineering
[  ] MBA of Municipal & Urgan Engineering

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MBA Benefits for Employees

(More on each page)

Start your own business: If you’re interested in starting your own business, but not sure you have the necessary expertise to launch a start-up in a high-growth industry, an MBA diploma can prepare you to do everything from writing a business plan to acquiring venture capital to launching an IPO.

Research has shown that the failure rate for small businesses started by MBAs is about 50 percent less than the standard failure rate.

Reputation and Accreditation:.


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