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Courses in:
Business - Information Technology IT -  Engineering

Few examples of our 26 MBAs:
MBA of Hotel & Tourism Management - MBA of Hospital & Health Management - MBA of Enterprise Resources Planning ERP - MBA of Mobile Program & Marketing & Boyd Management - MBA of Business Administration & e-Company - MBA of Human Rsources Management HR - MBA of Chief Information Officer CIO
- MBA of  Municipal & Urban Engineering - MBA of Civil Engeneering - EMBA of Executive Business Administration


Why is MBA courses so complicated, limiting,  expensive? 

So, we built the first online MBA courses to 
change all that!

200,000 MBA students in 20 years!


Scholl of  Business


Ten MBA or Certificates

Business Administration & e-Company

International Trade

Internet Marketing  & e-Commerce

Project Management PM

EMBA Executive Business Administration

Human Resources Management HR

Finance Management

Hotel & Tourism Management

Public Administration & e-Government

Hospital & Health Management

Scholl of Information

 Technology IT

Ten MBA or Certificates

Chief Information Officer CIO

Information Technology Security Mgmt

Customer Relationship Management CRM

Enterprise Resources Planning ERP

Business Intelligence & Data Mining BI

Virtualization & Cloud Computer Mgmt

Voip Telephony System Mgmt

Purchase & Supply Chain Mgmt SCM

Business Automation & Workflow Mgmt

Mobile Program & Marketing & Boyd Mgmt 

Scholl of Engineering 


Civil Engineering Management

Mechanical Engineering Management

Software Engineering Management

Electrical Engineering Management

Petrol & Oil Engineering Management

 Municipal & Urban Engineering Mgmt

Recharge your career!

Learn Today,
Lead Tomorrow!

Earn a MBA that works aound your scheduler, in your home, only two hours per week.

Our almost free online MBA let you continue work full time while persuing your education goals.

The "Professionalizing" MBAs preferably by the fields Business, Services and Manufacturing.

Examination and Diploma

MBA Diploma

There exist three kinds of MBAs: Our MBA is the so called Professionalizing MBA (or Vocational MBA). In some countries, the Professionalizing Diploma is the so called a Lato Sensu Diploma.

It is specific turned for the business, manufacturing and services labor markets (the management fields), being less theoretical than an Academic MBA.

 It is a MBA? Yes. It is less than an Academic MBA? Definitively NO.

As a matter of fact, a MBA Diploma (from any university in the entire world) is not a Degree.

What you desires to do after you  receive your MBA? Did you goes to the business, manufacturing and services areas? For these areas our MBA will be much better for your professional life than a theoretical Academic MBA.

Do not deceive yourself:

1. You do not need to lose 80% of your time learning theoretical data as in an Academic MBA that are not asked in  the business, manufacturing and services fields

2. Today, all Human Resources  Departments do not want to hire an academic mind, and this is the main reason for the Professionalizing MBAs.

Final Examination

Your examination will be online by correspondence, you do not need to travel to visit our organization.

If you do not pass in your first examination, you will have two more  chances at no cost and with our suggestions.

After the final examination (done by the Web) you will receive two documents:
1. Your Diploma signed by two of our directors, dully signed by the official Public Notary office (including his official seal)

2. Your transcript Letter signed by one of our directors, dully signed by the official Public Notary office (including his official seal). This Letter mention the studied MBA and also your final examination level.

These two documents also have his embossed seals of approval, from an e-learning Accreditation organization.

The MBA Diploma words are the following:

J.C. Melo Management University

The Directors of the College on the recommendation of the
  College Professors and by virtue of the Authority have conferred on

(John R. Sample)

Who has satisfactorily pursued the Studies and passed the Examinations
required therefore the (Diploma or Certificate) on

(your course)

With all the Rights and Privileges pertaining.

Given this in Miami, Florida, U.S.A. in (month) (day), (year)

(President signature)            (Director signature)

After your final examination and after the official Public Notary authentication and his seal, your Diploma will be send by Postal Office Priority Registered Airmail, together with your Transcript, approximately 15 days after the conclusion of the course. At this time, you will receive his Postal Office tracking number.

Additionally, create a physical folder using the large amount of the studied lessons and attachments received by you during the course. This folder will be unsurpassable and will result in a very good example of your study, a greeting impression about your knowledge because of the studied subjects, all wanted by any business or industry or services companies.

All these documents provide an objective credential

1. For other Colleges - To accept our credits and the Transcript

 2. For Industries, Business, Services - Accepted level of achievement for job candidates in these fields, and have a common language for technical personnel in the workplace. 

And in today's very competitive job market and with the number of people out of work, the more you can show on your resume may just give you the edge over someone else.

By our supporter rules, we do not send any scanned documents by e-mails, like Diplomas, Transcripts. or Certificates.

Sending Your Diploma or Certificate

We delivery all issued Diplomas or Certificates in the end of his corresponding month of your final exam, if we receive your

1. Final examination form already filled or your 10 pages paper

2. Additional information like your full name, your physical address, if you do not have any overdue, etc.,

both until the day 15 of the month.

After of the day 15 of the month, your Diploma or Certificate will be delivered in the next month deliveries.

Using the Postal Office Tracking Number you will see online that the Postal Office delivered our airmail letter to a Postal Office outside our country. After our Postal Office deliver this letter to an airplane, obviously we do not have any further control. Now, his control will be done by the foreign Postal Office(s) in your country or in transit to your country.

However, by an error out of our control, statistically almost 2% of our Diplomas and Certificates will be delivered (by the foreign Postal Office(s)) - in transit to your country - by SURFACE maritime mail instead by airmail, and by our experience, in this case your Diploma or Certificate will be delayed three up to four months to reach you. 

Greeting the remaining 98% they reach his destination between 7 to 20 days, depending on the destination country. 

You have three delivery options:

1. To send your Diploma or Certificate through a Postal Office Registered Priority Airmail envelope.

2. To avoid a Postal Officer error we strong recommend, if possible, please use an address from friends or parents in the central Europe or North America or Japan or Latin America

3. If you want your Diploma to be delivered by a Courier, as an option at the time of your enrollment please include US$100.00 in your payment.

In case there exist a problem with your Diploma or Certificate - as you do not received, and remember this occur in only 2% of the deliveries -  therefore you will need a second Diploma or Certificate, that will free of charge.

MBA Benefits for Employees

(More on each page)

A holistic perspective on the business world.

Put What You Learn to Use in the Workplace Immediately.

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