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MBA of Information Technology Security Management

Computer security is a branch of technology known as information security as applied to computers. 

The objective of computer security includes protection of information and property from theft, corruption, or natural disaster, while allowing the information and property to remain accessible and productive to its intended users.

The technologies of computer security are based on logic. As security is not necessarily the primary goal of most computer applications, designing a program with security in mind often imposes restrictions on that program's behavior.

There are several approaches to security in computing, sometimes a combination of approaches is valid:

Trust all the software to abide by a security policy but the software is not trustworthy (this is computer insecurity)

Trust all the software to abide by a security policy and the software is validated as trustworthy (by tedious branch and path analysis for example)

Trust no software but enforce a security policy with mechanisms that are not trustworthy (again this is computer insecurity)

Trust no software but enforce a security policy with trustworthy mechanisms.

Computer Security Management provides a direct link between computer & network facilities and those supplying the services they need. 

Attending a college, university or professional school offering courses related to computer security management may give future workers the edge they need to succeed in this exciting and rapidly expanding field.

Computer Security Management is a new theory in management faculty. Earlier a senior manager used to perform the role of a computer security manager. However, nowadays everything demands a specialist. Almost all the things related to computer security have changed. Many categories concerning computer security have altered totally. There are various types of computer security today.

Our online computer security management MBA programs are designed for working computer security  management professionals, managers and executives who need a MBA program that

  • addresses the most current computer security management issues and topics in the computer security  world,
  • teaches up-to-date advanced computer security management skills,
  • offers a free schedule through the Internet.

This computer security management program is aimed at experienced managers world-wide who wish to exploit fully their talents and enhance their capabilities.

The international focus meets the ever increasing demand for computer security managers with a both technical and professional background. This online MBA Program for experienced managers is focused on entrepreneurship and innovation. You will learn to further develop your computer security knowledge and management skills.

Professional employees will learn to apply contemporary concepts in the main fields of any computer security.

The Computer Security Management MBA Course

Our Computer Security Management MBA Program introduces advanced level management techniques, including:

  • CIO Chief Information Officer Role

  • General Control Theory

  • Feedback Control System

  • Management by Exception 

  • Internet & Network Security
  • Host & IP address Basics
  • DNS Basics
  • Management in Computer Security
  • Password Security
  • Evaluating Common Security Threats
  • Operating System Hardening
  • Implementing Security Applications
  • Network Infrastructure Attacks
  • Network Security Tools
  • Wireless Network Security
  • Access Control
  • General Cryptography Concepts
  • Organizational Security

I do not have a Bachelor Degree, can I still apply?

Yes, we accept applicants are with at least three years' managerial working experience in the field.



MBA Benefits for Employees

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Networking is another key benefit of the MBA diploma. Business school teaching styles encourage teamwork, and over the course of an MBA program, you’ll develop important relationships that can serve you well throughout your business career. And no matter the school, you can often get plugged into a network of alumni working at a wide range of companies. This is useful for mentoring, job searches and professional contacts.

MBAs are primarily for those seeking to switch careers (typically into finance or consulting roles) or for progression within an already established career. Despite the fact that only 74% of Stanford University graduates have jobs lined up by the time they pass out, as opposed to 95% just eight years ago, a convincing case can be made as to the career benefits of an MBA.

But for each study or example depicting the view of dishonesty among business students, there is one indicating students embarking on business education do not show signs of a deficit in terms of social responsibility compared other students, before, during or after the program.

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