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Business - Information Technology IT -  Engineering

Few examples of our 26 MBAs:
MBA of Hotel & Tourism Management - MBA of Hospital & Health Management - MBA of Enterprise Resources Planning ERP - MBA of Mobile Program & Marketing & Boyd Management - MBA of Business Administration & e-Company - MBA of Human Rsources Management HR - MBA of Chief Information Officer CIO
- MBA of  Municipal & Urban Engineering - MBA of Civil Engeneering - EMBA of Executive Business Administration


Why is MBA courses so complicated, limiting,  expensive? 

So, we built the first online MBA courses to 
change all that!

200,000 MBA students in 20 years!


Scholl of  Business


Ten MBA or Certificates

Business Administration & e-Company

International Trade

Internet Marketing  & e-Commerce

Project Management PM

EMBA Executive Business Administration

Human Resources Management HR

Finance Management

Hotel & Tourism Management

Public Administration & e-Government

Hospital & Health Management

Scholl of Information

 Technology IT

Ten MBA or Certificates

Chief Information Officer CIO

Information Technology Security Mgmt

Customer Relationship Management CRM

Enterprise Resources Planning ERP

Business Intelligence & Data Mining BI

Virtualization & Cloud Computer Mgmt

Voip Telephony System Mgmt

Purchase & Supply Chain Mgmt SCM

Business Automation & Workflow Mgmt

Mobile Program & Marketing & Boyd Mgmt 

Scholl of Engineering 


Civil Engineering Management

Mechanical Engineering Management

Software Engineering Management

Electrical Engineering Management

Petrol & Oil Engineering Management

 Municipal & Urban Engineering Mgmt

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Earn a MBA that works aound your scheduler, in your home, only two hours per week.

Our almost free online MBA let you continue work full time while persuing your education goals.

The "Professionalizing" MBAs preferably by the fields Business, Services and Manufacturing.

Our organization

Our Chief Executive Officer CEO Dr. J. C. Melo is the President of our holding J. C. Melo Technical Consulting Co. Inc. Dr. J. C. Melo is a 86 years old college graduated, a  technology entrepreneur, with almost 66 years of continuous experience in Information Technology, Information Technology management, Business and Engineering management. 

We are pioneers in this type of high-level courses through the Web, because we have:

   1. Academic Automation - Unique in the World!

    2. Next Generation MBA

    3. Correspondence & Online MBA

    4. Almost free MBA or Certificate

    5. Our teachers are from the entire World, by Telecomuting.

We were greatly persecuted - and still now - for initiating this type of online education, but only from organizations that had a kind of  "market reserve" in education and using the old conventional education methods.

However we won, nowadays high-level courses through the Web are usually accepted by all organizations, and even the elite Universities also offer them. Moreover, many large companies are creating their own free universities, to be used exclusively by their employees.

Our experience

This online education system from our J.C. Melo Consultoria Tecnica Ltda began his operations in Brazil in 1967. During these years, we have had almost 200,000 students from all countries, initially in our two high level courses CIO Chief Information Officer and IME Internet Marketing Engineering.

In June 2001 the J.C. Melo Consultoria Tecnica Ltda transferred his online education operations to the United States, including the new courses "MBA programs" in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. Now we have 26 different MBAs and Certifications courses in 35 different languages. 

But our Account Department remained in the Brazil, at least until we obtain our non profit status in the United States.

The begin of our training and education activities is much older, because our old holding company J.C. Melo Consultoria Técnica during more than ten years - 1967 up to 1976 - trained more than 1,500 college graduated engineers from the greatest Brazilian companies - Furnas power plant, Chesf power point, Petrobrás oil company, Embratel communication company, Cemig power point, Usiminas steel mill, and many others - doing in-house special courses on enterprise management and real-time process control systems with computers.

Our old holding company J.C. Melo Consultoria Técnica - In the U.S.A., our holding are the J.C. Melo Technical Consulting Co. Inc. - has a past of more than 40 years with:

1. More than 1,000 Information Systems designed by our old holding consulting company J.C. Melo Consultoria Técnica,

2. More than 1,500 college graduated engineers with in-house courses by the same holding,

3. More than 200,000 IT and business managers students in the last 20 years, in all our 26 online correspondence courses.

4. In 1976 started the first computer factory in South America inside the rules of the Brazilian National Computer Policy  (a computer factory accredited by the Federal Govern), manufacturing two mini and medium sizes computers (not PC computers), initially with the name of J.C. Melo Computers and later with the name of Sisco Systems and Computers.

5. Eleven technical IT consultant contracts signed with the United States Government.

Almost 2,000 Brazilian newspaper news

Almost 2,000 Brazilian newspaper news shows the continual technical success of this company and of Dr. J.C. Melo. Below are only three examples of these almost 2,000 news:

    1. Dr. J.C. Melo gave a five hours address in the Science and Technology Commission of the Brazilian House of Representatives, and another five hours address in the Economy Commission of the Brazilian Senate, both these addresses against the military  Government ill-advised and illusive Computer Market Reserve. Click here.

    2. The most important business newspaper in Latin America, the Gazeta Mercantil, elected Dr. J.C. Melo as the Brazilian  leader in the computer fields. This list plows the most important Brazilian leaders, in all the business fields. Click here.

    3. Dr. J.C. Melo was the creator and owner of the most important computer factory in Brazil (of medium size computers, not PCs), only below the large local IBM factory. This news are about that the Government approved his local design and manufacturing of a medium size computer. Click here.

    4. The last two books written by Dr. J.C. Melo are as follows:

2019 June: "Os Efeitos Colaterais destrutivos da Tecnologia da Informação nos proximos 30 anos"
Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com.br/dp//B07SR5P8KK

1982+2017: "A Incrivel Politica Nacional de Informatica"
Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com.br/dp/B07MLMMHH

Your next book in October 2019 will be "Inteligencia Artificial AI, o lado escuro da Internet", also in Amazon.


MBA Benefits for Employees

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While you may be inspired to jump the career ladder, create new networks and open doors you’ve never dreamed of, sometimes the best reason to take on a new challenge is simply personal happiness. Ultimately, this must be your number one reason for pursuing an MBA.

Develop your business savvy - As MBA diploma will put you on the fast track to career advancement by offering you the chance to develop a wide range of general business knowledge and a broad base of technical skills in a relatively short period of time, as opposed to the years-long trial-and-error process that tends to characterize knowledge and skill gleaned from on-the-job learning.

The MBA has a high level of focus on producing future managers. The activities you’ll be involved in force you to interact with people and, in turn, grow as a person. .

J.C. Melo Management University teach 26 almost free Online MBA courses plus 20 Certifications courses in the fields Business Administration, Information Technology Management and Engineering, and Our Holding Organization and related fields, as free fri what is certification mba business administration low cost mba on-line gratis MBA on-line colleges business management gratis MBA e-learning program business management free MBA e-learning programs business administration gratuito collegi amministrazione esecutivo.
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